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Sisterhood: Photographic Experience, exhibition project and book  JULY 2021

The photographic experience «SORELLANZA» is coming 4 days in the Maremma hills to create an all-female photographic project.

I will guide the participants on a journey to rediscover the feminine and the photographic story about women ...

Stay tuned!

Only for female photographers, artists and for those who want to start a path of knowledge of female expression ...

In attendance! We can finally meet again and look each other in the eye,

22 23 24 25 July 2021

Only 15 seats

Experiential photography workshop for women only aimed at realizing the photographic project conceived and led by Vanessa Rusci "Sorellanza"

In the midst of nature, a group of women get together and together, reflecting on some female themes, create a collective photographic project that will become an exhibition and a book. No rush, no cell phones, just a meeting dedicated to knowledge and femininity.

The whole workshop will be marked by natural rhythms. I cannot define this except with one word: dialogue and knowledge.

The topics that will be covered are:

The woman. (Women and work. Women and relationships.  Women and photography. Women with women. Women and art)

The project will develop in a conceptual way, touching on self-portrait, portrait, landscape and perception. We will be inspired by legends and stories about the feminine and femininity, the archetypes, the religions of women, the degrees of thinkers and thinkers of the history of man)

What will it be like to meet Mother Earth, Magdalene, the goddess Athena, Hypatia,  Pancrazia, Montalcini the first woman in space ...

The modules that are 6:

1) The project. Brain storming and drafting.

2) Photographic laboratory - The senses: touch, smell, hearing. (with dance and singing experience)

3) Photographic laboratory - The senses: taste and sight.

4) Experimental photographic laboratory: performing femininity. The performative portrait.

5) Photographic laboratory: The environment and the woman.

6) Editing and revisions

Participants will be sent materials before the course to read to learn more.



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Working in photography
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Work in photography
in Italy and abroad
Agencies, magazines, funding, crowfounding, galleries, fairs, exhibitions and much more.
The digital portfolio.

Creation of the Body of work
And so much more.


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